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I’m Not Getting Better! Making Mistakes and Staying Motivated To Paint.

Do you feel like you’re not progressing in your watercolours? Sometimes no matter how hard you try, something unexpected always comes up. Maybe it’s a stray brush stroke. Or perhaps a bloom. Or how about that time you added too much paint on your brush and turned day into night!

Easy Watercolor Portrait Sketching: Paint A Portrait in 10 Minutes!

Easy Watercolor Portrait Sketching – Introduction and Debrief Learn how to do some easy watercolor portrait sketching in my recent workshop. I show you how to sketch any portrait in 10-15 minutes! In this workshop, we will try something a little different. We’ll be sketching simple portraits from a variety […]

How To Paint with a Credit Card: Easy 5-Minute Watercolor Landscape

The more I look at this once, the more I like it. It’s such a simple landscape but it really highlights the beauty of watercolors. There’s something magical about the soft transitions, the light, and seems to fade in and out that seems unique to this medium.

Life Lessons in Watercolor – Dealing With Uncertainty

In this article, I will go through some of my thoughts about uncertainty, then we will talk about how it links to learning watercolor painting. I’ll also talk about some of my personal experiences feeling uncertain when learning or trying something new when painting.

Paint Sunflowers and Venice – Free Live Watercolor Workshop

Paint Sunflowers and Venice – Overview Hey everyone, today I decided to paint some sunflowers and a Venice landscape as part of my free live workshops that I run. What do you struggle with most in learning watercolors? It’s frustrating learning how to turn a reference photo into a painting. […]

7 Important Tips for Line and Wash Paintings

Here are 7 important tips that I put together for line and wash paintings that might help you if you’re learning this unique style. Consistency is the key to improvement! Tip 1: Take your time with the drawing. It is important to do so as unlike pencil, it will always […]