Watercolor Texture and Tones: Essentials Workshop

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Watercolor Texture and Tones: Introduction

Learning watercolor texture and tones? This was a fun workshop that I ran recently on how to create textures and tones through a variety of layering techniques.

I like to use different brushes to create a variety of marks on the paper, and sometimes other tools like a small knife or card to scratch out lighter areas. In this workshop, I used a fan brush, angled flat brush, and mop brush to create a variety of loose marks and textures in this scene.

It’s important to practice the repertoire of brush techniques and mix your colors on scrap paper or through sketches, as this prepares you for your more in-depth paintings later. Too often, beginner artists leave the technique practice to when they are actually painting a larger piece, and find they are not confident enough to carry out certain techniques.

If you have a spray bottle, give that a try too, as it can create beautiful soft spots and blooms in areas that can be used to indicate shrubs or textures.

One of the things I love about this scene is that it looks so simple and fresh even though I’ve used various layers to imply light, shadow, shrubs, grass, and textures. Leaving some of the lighter sections of the painting from the first wash was very important to create strong contrasts.

The added figures as well add movement and interest to the scene.

I felt like I used an unintentionally rigid and coarse style in this painting through my use of flat brushes, including a flat-edged brush as well as a fan brush. I painted quite a bit of this with a fan brush and it was challenging to get in some of the more detailed and rigid man-made shapes with this brush. I do like it though after some reflection and will try recreating this style again.

I go through all the techniques I use in this workshop. You can check it out here.

Watercolor Texture and Tones: Essentials Workshop

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