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Easy Watercolor Portrait Sketching: Paint A Portrait in 10 Minutes!

Easy Watercolor Portrait Sketching – Introduction and Debrief Learn how to do some easy watercolor portrait sketching in my recent workshop. I show you how to sketch any portrait in 10-15 minutes! In this workshop, we will try something a little different. We’ll be sketching simple portraits from a variety […]

Learn Watercolor Portraiture Now: Steps To Creating A Beautiful Portrait

Learn watercolor portraiture now by following the steps in this demonstration. I painted this portrait live last night and am fairly pleased with how it turned out.

Lately, I’ve been choosing photographs with strong contrasts as I really like the look of the light ‘popping’ out of the page. I had to take extra care to preserve the lighter parts of this portrait, mainly the skin, the left side of her hair.

How to Paint Eyelashes – Essential Watercolor Portraiture Tips

Darren from Watercolour Mentor here. Painting eyelashes in watercolour portraiture – how to do it? They can be tricky, and you only get one go at doing them in watercolours! Tip 1:I use the technique of applying more pressure on the brush at the base of the individual eyelash I’m […]