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I’m Not Getting Better! Making Mistakes and Staying Motivated To Paint.

Do you feel like you’re not progressing in your watercolours? Sometimes no matter how hard you try, something unexpected always comes up. Maybe it’s a stray brush stroke. Or perhaps a bloom. Or how about that time you added too much paint on your brush and turned day into night!

Easy Watercolor Portrait Sketching: Paint A Portrait in 10 Minutes!

Easy Watercolor Portrait Sketching – Introduction and Debrief Learn how to do some easy watercolor portrait sketching in my recent workshop. I show you how to sketch any portrait in 10-15 minutes! In this workshop, we will try something a little different. We’ll be sketching simple portraits from a variety […]

Painting Watercolor Portraits Easily: Steps to Success

Painting Watercolor Portraits Easily: Reflection Painting watercolor portraits easily may seem impossible to most but in this live demonstration and article, I’ll show you a simple process that will ensure success with practice. This was a challenging reference photo, but I really liked the strong light source coming from the […]