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Loose Watercolor Painting: Water Lilies and Hallstatt, Austria

Learning loose watercolor painting? This is a free workshop that I ran which goes over how I painted two subjects in a loose method and how I achieved this look. Negative painting is a fun way to draw out the contrast in a scene, but also learn control with your […]

Paint a Beach Landscape (Cefalù, Sicily) and a Cafe Scene

Check out the live workshop here: Paint a Beach Landscape (Cefalù, Sicily) and a Cafe Scene In this unique workshop, I try something quite new to most beginners. I change the entire perspective of a beach scene from a birds-eye view to a linear perspective. This required some guesswork and […]

Night and Fall Landscapes

Night and Fall Landscapes: Melbourne and Japan

This free Night and Fall Landscapes workshop was a live demonstration I ran recently. I go through how to convey mood though colour and tone. Watch it for free here. Night and Fall Landscapes Painting light is challenging. With both of these scenes, it’s important to paint the lighter and […]

Free Watercolour Workshop: Paint China and Egypt

Learn how to draw and paint China and Egypt through this free online workshop. learn essential techniques and tips in this video and article. My favorite part of this scene of China was adding the red lanterns and cutting around them with those darks. This was a very busy scene, […]

Paint Sicily and Hallstatt: Free Watercolor Workshop

Paint Sicily and Hallstatt: Want to learn how to paint Sicily and Hallstatt in watercolor? Learning to portray the mood of a landscape, in particular the time of the day, can be challenging for beginners. In this watercolor article and free workshop, I’ll show you how I approach and paint […]

Paint Cinque Terre and Learn Line and Wash: Free Online Workshop

Why is drawing important when learning how to paint? In this free watercolor workshop, I will show you how to Paint Cinque Terre and Learn Line and Wash the easy way! Check out the video here. This is quite a long workshop and we firstly go through some line and […]

Draw and Paint France and Mykonos

In this Inktober special, learn how to Draw and Paint France and Mykonos. Watch my free live workshop here. I’ve chosen two scenes with distinct contrasts between light and dark – and I show you how to achieve the feeling of light in your painting by ironically emphasizing your dark […]

The Psychology in Art: Podcast

Hi everyone! The Psychology in Art: Podcast Ep #77 is now out on Etchr’s YouTube channel. A few weeks ago, I was invited to Etchr’s ‘Make More Art’ Podcast. I shared a bit about my personal artistic journey and talked about art in the context of self-development, life, and psychology. […]

How to Paint Expressive Urban Landscapes

A few months ago, I was invited by Etchr to run a free live demonstration on their YouTube channel. I also ran a live workshop which is available here. In this post, I’ll go through some simple tips on how to paint expressive urban landscapes in watercolor. In case you […]

Draw and Paint Venice and Annecy

Draw and Paint Venice and Annecy

I recently ran a free online workshop on how to Draw and Paint Venice and Annecy. You can view it below. In this article, I thought I’d add a few of my observations and tips on how to draw and paint these two scenes to this article. Composition: For the […]