Embark on a creative journey with Watercolour Essentials! This 70 course program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to master landscapes, portraiture, and line and wash illustration.

If you’re looking for an online course on landscape painting, portraiture, even pen and wash – there’s something here for you.


"Very much the course I was looking for. I have only limited, beginners experience. Easy to understand and follow. Really enjoying the cityscapes. This course was so much fun and a great learning experience. Thanks so much!"
Steven S
Watercolour Sketching Essentials: Fun & Easy Landscapes, "5 Star Rating" on Udemy.
"If you like loose landscapes with ink and watercolour this is a great class to take. There are a lot of different demonstrations to see how you can treat different elements in the scene like figures, water, shoreline etc."
Rebecca T
Pen and Ink Sketching Essentials (Part 2) - "Exceeded Expectations Rating" on Skillshare.
"The teacher is excellent and has different examples that can be worked on like where the person is facing. Also, he added some tips and helpful apps mentioned to use for better drawing. I learned a lot in this class. Thank you!"
Bianca S
Watercolor Portrait Painting: Faces and Portraiture Essentials - "Exceeded Expectations Rating" on Skillshare.
"This is a great class for line and wash techniques. There are very few on Skillshare classes about this medium. There are very few Skillshare classes about this medium. I did this class as a pre-cursor to trying out plein air painting-something I have never done before and I am a little intimidated by."
Lisa D
Watercolor Painting Travel Sketching - Pen and Ink Essentials, "Exceeded Expectations Rating" on Skillshare.
"I found it very helpful to watch the Watercolor Mentor sketch and paint the subject and then to practice the techniques on my own painting. It was a great class. As an added bonus, I got to pretend I was in Venice for a little while!"
Jeannie E
Venice Pen and Ink Travel Sketching (Part 1) - "Exceeded Expectations Rating" on Skillshare.
"Was fun to watch his loose style and encouraged me to turn my paintings into cards and get a use from them."
Jeannie E
Snow Landscapes: Create 9 Watercolor Paintings and Cards! - "Exceeded Expectations Rating" on Skillshare.

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