New York Watercolor: Learn Graphic Line and Wash Style

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Learn how to draw and paint New York

In this article and video, I will go through a New York watercolor workshop. I’ll show you how to use a graphic line and wash style to create a strong and vibrant scene.

If you’re interested in watching the full-length video tutorial, you can view it here.

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New York Watercolor Workshop: Thoughts and Reflection

New York Watercolor Tutorial: Graphic Line and Wash Style
New York Graphic Landscape scene – view the full-length tutorial here.

In this scene, I thought I would try a slightly different approach and carry out most of the shadow work in pen. I used a thicker flat-edged pen for most of the shadows, which is why they appear to have a sharp, well-formed edge.

I’m a fan of some older graphic novels which use amazingly detailed linework and colors to imply vibrant and bustling scenes.

One thing to remember is to always try something different once in a while. We tend to get stuck in a certain pattern of behavior or thinking. Often we like to approach situations in familiar ways, and the leads to familiar results. Of course, this can be good at times, as it’s important to find a style of methodology that works for you. However, you’ll find at times that you can surprise yourself by trying out a new approach and liking the end result.

I found that was the case with applying a looser style to my painting. When I started my painting journey, I used to try to imitate or closely follow the reference photo. This resulted in rigid painting with little life, and lesser room for artistic freedom!

So after some frustration and trial and error, I tried adding more looser brushstrokes. Having seen a few impressionist artworks, I admired the efficiency of the brushwork and ability to capture the ‘essence’ and personal vision of a scene, rather than a literal representation.

Regarding this scene, I think I’ll stick to my usual style for now but I did enjoy the process of drawing and painting this New York watercolor scene in a different style.

I also have another New York pure watercolor scene tutorial which you can view here or below.

New York in Watercolor – click the ‘Play’ button above to watch.

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