Paint a Beachscape and Sunflowers: Watercolour Workshop

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Paint a Beachscape and Sunflowers: Watercolour Workshop

Here are a couple of requested subjects from viewers! I decided to paint both this morning. In today’s workshop, we’ll be painting a beach landscape and some sunflowers in watercolour. Don’t miss out as I’ll show you my entire planning process and how to paint loosely and efficiently through wet-in-wet techniques.

There were some issues with the stream, but I ended up painting both scenes in the end.

Both of these scenes were done fairly quickly, and I go through my thinking process from planning the painting and drawing to painting and using various techniques.

Notice how I paint most of my subjects wet-into-wet. It’s the easiest way to paint loosely and efficiently. I use wet-on-dry to add extra details, shadows and sharpness afterwards.

I’ve tackled both of these subjects before, and you can view previous workshops on sunflowers and beaches. Beaches are one of my favourite subjects to paint. I love the simplicity and ability to draw attention easily to a figure or two.

If you’ve never tackled these scenes before, give this workshop a go. The demonstration are relatively short and you’ll feel more confident in tackling any watercolour subject from planning to techniques.

Demonstration Materials: Paint a Beachscape and Sunflowers

► Pencil/Black Ink Pens (0.38, 0.5, 0.7mm nibs) or a set of pigment liners. Make sure the pens have ‘permanent’ or ‘waterproof’ ink. I use ‘uni-ball eye’ pens which cost about $2 from your local office supplies store.
► 100% Cotton Watercolour paper (I use A4 sized paper, just use what you have but try to stick to A5 or larger, otherwise it will be too difficult to draw in the details). I normally use cold press, or hot press for some portraits.
► Artist Grade Watercolour paint – yellow ochre, lemon yellow, Naples yellow, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, purple, neutral tint, permanent red.
► Number 4, 6, 8, 10 round brush, medium watercolor mop brush, number 4, 8, flat brush.

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