Line and Wash Watercolor Tutorial: Colorful Murano Houses

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Line and Wash Watercolor – Murano Houses Tutorial

In this line and wash watercolor article and tutorial for beginners, we will draw and paint some colorful Murano houses

I’ll also show you how to add some figures in the foreground to create a lively scene. Getting started in Line and Wash? Watch this video and you’ll learn simple techniques that will help you draw more accurately and confidently.

You’ll also gain a better understanding of how to choose colors to make a painting look more interesting and vibrant. Finally, you’ll pick up valuable experience in implementing different watercolor techniques to convey light, shadows, and detail.

Reference Photo:

Line and Wash Watercolor Tutorial: Colorful Murano Houses
Murano, 1/8th sheet, Cold-press. Watch the full tutorial here.

A few things I liked about this painting were the granulating colors on the houses and the looseness of the entire scene. I felt there was still enough detail to define the location, objects, and context of this scene. I think that’s always important, trying to strike a balance between loose and detailed elements in a landscape.

If you’re interested in viewing more line and wash watercolor tutorials, have a look at this playlist below:

Charles Bridge, Prague – watch the full tutorial here.

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