Draw and Paint France and Mykonos

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In this Inktober special, learn how to Draw and Paint France and Mykonos. Watch my free live workshop here.

I’ve chosen two scenes with distinct contrasts between light and dark – and I show you how to achieve the feeling of light in your painting by ironically emphasizing your dark regions.

Extra Tips

It’s so important to add the dark areas, as that draws attention to the light. Your mind needs a reference point for the shadows and dark areas to make sense of the light.

More often than not, beginner artists shy away from adding the darkest areas of their paintings as they worry about ‘ruining’ them. What ends up happening is that you end up with a flat-looking painting that lacks contrast and focal points!

Draw and Paint France and Mykonos
Paris street scene, Line and Wash sketch – 1/8th sheet.

This didn’t look like much until I added the shadows at the end… keep persisting!

Thank you to one of my Patrons and viewers Vy for your suggestion to add some lamps in. There was too much empty space and that big one on the right helps balance out the buildings on the left.

I added a large shadow running across the foreground to help balance out the darkness and shadows of the building on the left. This also helps emphasize the light in the mid-ground too. Again, a great example of creating contrast and being bold with your shadows!

Draw and Paint France and Mykonos
Mykonos scene, Line and Wash sketch – 1/8th sheet.

I definitely drew and painted this faster than usual but I like the freshness and character of the brushstrokes and lines.

In the end, I used a white pen to bring out some of those window frames and highlights.

I hope the tips and demonstration will go a long way in helping you in your artistic journey and learn how to Draw and Paint France and Mykonos, as well as a whole range of other similar scenes.

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