Paint Cinque Terre and Learn Line and Wash: Free Online Workshop

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Why is drawing important when learning how to paint?

In this free watercolor workshop, I will show you how to Paint Cinque Terre and Learn Line and Wash the easy way! Check out the video here.

This is quite a long workshop and we firstly go through some line and wash sketches that will help you understand how to draw houses, figures, trees, and other common subjects. Furthermore, this will drastically improve your painting skills by building an understanding of form and tone.

Farmhouse Scene – Line and Wash, 1/8th sheet.

Paint Cinque Terre and Learn Line and Wash

This was more challenging than I thought – as the house is on an odd angle. Always remember, observe the lines and form of the house. The angles of the lines on the rooftop and planks of wood running across the house are crucial in your drawing.

There’s no rush! Take as much time as you need to observe the reference photo before you put pen to paper.

I went through with a white pigment liner at the end to bring out some highlights for the window and door frames. I also added some extra darkness under the house too with some neutral tint.

Paint Cinque Terre and Learn Line and Wash
Park Urban Landscape – Line and Wash, 1/8th sheet.

Urban Landscapes

Most of the highlights here were done by cutting around and leaving behind an uncolored part of the paper for part of the trees and figures. I also used a white liner to add some highlights on the right side of some figures. I was happy with those trees!

Paint Cinque Terre and Learn Line and Wash
Cinque Terre, Italy – 1/4 sheet.

Cinque Terre Watercolor Painting Tips

Joining the background, middle ground, and foreground are so important. I did this scene 8 months ago and thought I could create softer transitions in this version.

In this version I’ve created a combination of soft and hard edges between the background buildings and the mountains/trees behind. If you let the buildings dry halfway and then add the trees behind, you can get this effect. The figures and boats help to move the viewer’s eye into the scene.


I hope you enjoyed reading the tips in this article on how to Paint Cinque Terre and Learn Line and Wash the easy way! Remember to Check out the video here, as the easiest way to learn is through observation and repetition.

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