Paint the Taj Mahal: Loose Figures and Landscape

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Paint the Taj Mahal: Loose Figures and Landscape – Watch the workshop above by clicking ‘play’.

Painting the Taj Mahal: Introduction

Paint the Taj Mahal together in this article and video workshop.

This scene was requested by my friend and patron Valerie who suggested this and a few other scenes to me. Thank you, Valerie! Hope you like it.

It’s so important to try different subjects that you don’t normally paint. You’ll learn something new and sometimes you’ll enjoy the process and result!

Reference photo.

Here is the original reference photo – there were a few things I decided to change in the composition. In particular, I wanted to add more contrast and vibrancy to the sky, and also change the positions of the figures to get additional shadows in the foreground.

I also wanted to add some additional trees on the edges for framing.

Paint the Taj Mahal: Loose Figures and Landscape
Completed painting – 1/4 sheet.

I really liked the two figures on the right, closest to the foreground, I spend most of my time drawing and painting these two and I liked the contrasting colors and feeling of movement in the scene.

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