Daniel Smith Amethyst Review

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Amethyst Genuine Review – Click the ‘play’ button above to view the review and demonstration.

Daniel Smith Amethyst Review – Overview

In this Daniel Smith Amethyst Genuine review video, we’ll be looking at this pigment under the microscope, applying some swatches, and seeing how it interacts on paper.

I’ll be painting some flowers and fruits in a tutorial near the end using Amethyst Genuine. I don’t have mineralogical experience, but thought it’d be interesting to include a microscope view for you to see.

I compare Amethyst to Duochrome Blue Pearl, which has fragments of fine mica mixed into the paint.

What do you think of this color? Would you use it in any of your paintings?

Daniel Smith Amethyst Review
Swatch Image taken from the official Daniel Smith Website.

I was quite impressed with this color – it certainly had the same hue as the piece of amethyst I included in my video.

Most importantly, for me, it has a large tonal range and can go from very light, muted purple for the sky, to very dark as seen below in my demonstration pieces. However, bear in mind that I also mixed some neutral tint into the Amethyst to get an almost black color.

Daniel Smith Amethyst Review
Mangosteens! Amethyst Genuine + Undersea Green
Daniel Smith Amethyst Review
Some loose flowers – Amethyst Genuine + Neutral Tint

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