Daniel Smith Imperial Purple: Painting Grapes and Eggplants

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Daniel Smith Imperial Purple – watch the video demonstration and tutorial above.

Daniel Smith Imperial Purple

Daniel Smith Imperial Purple – I’ve heard a lot about this color but hadn’t tried it previously. I recently bought this color and thought I would do a review and demonstration using this paint. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I have a total of four from Daniel Smith! Those are Imperial Purple, Carazole Purple, Moonglow, and Amethyst.

I was excited to try this one out as I’ve seen amazing photos of the granulation and separation of warm/cool areas.

Below you can see the different tones I was able to achieve by using this color in different concentrations of water and paint.

Daniel Smith Imperial Purple: Painting Grapes and Eggplants

“Unlock a wealth of color with this princely pigment. Rich in texture, this highly saturated purple will granulate to reveal shades of plum and ultramarine. From the deepest purple, this semi-transparent and low-staining pigment continues to deliver as it is applied in ever more delicate washes to the palest lavender. Give a stand of garden Irises the royal treatment, or kiss the sunset with the softest touch. This regal pigment is palette royalty.”


I was really surprised at the vibrancy and tinting strength of this color. I could get in a light, almost lilac color from mixing mostly water in the paint, and also go to an almost black hue when mixed with minimal water.

I paint with large contrasts and due to that, I find tinting strength very important. This

Daniel Smith Imperial Purple: Painting Grapes and Eggplants
Image from the Daniel Smith Website. You can see the granulation and separation of the two pigments easily here.

If you like paints with a strong granulation effect, this is what you’re looking for. I have a small collection of granulating pigments and I’ve grown quite fond of the amazing textures they produce on paper.

Daniel Smith Imperial Purple: Painting Grapes and Eggplants

Above are some grapes I also painted with this color. I hope this article was helpful – if you want a more comprehensive review and demonstration, be sure to watch the video here.

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