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Painting Watercolor Portraits Easily: Steps to Success

Painting Watercolor Portraits Easily: Reflection Painting watercolor portraits easily may seem impossible to most but in this live demonstration and article, I’ll show you a simple process that will ensure success with practice. This was a challenging reference photo, but I really liked the strong light source coming from the […]

Paint Switzerland in Watercolor: Simple Loose Painting Tutorial

Paint Switzerland in Watercolor – Introduction Want to learn how to paint Switzerland in Watercolor? Here’s a loose scene that I painted of Sagogn, Switzerland in a live workshop. Whilst I felt that I could have improved the buildings by paying more attention to the light and shadows – especially […]

Easy Watercolor Figure Painting: Monks In Myanmar

ere’s something a little different to paint. It’s a scene of a group of monks in Myanmar. I thought this interesting scene would be a great opportunity to learn how to paint some loose figures in watercolor.

Daniel Smith Amethyst Review

Daniel Smith Amethyst Review – Overview In this Daniel Smith Amethyst Genuine review video, we’ll be looking at this pigment under the microscope, applying some swatches, and seeing how it interacts on paper. I’ll be painting some flowers and fruits in a tutorial near the end using Amethyst Genuine. I […]

Paint the Taj Mahal: Loose Figures and Landscape

Painting the Taj Mahal: Introduction Paint the Taj Mahal together in this article and video workshop. This scene was requested by my friend and patron Valerie who suggested this and a few other scenes to me. Thank you, Valerie! Hope you like it. It’s so important to try different subjects […]

How To Paint with a Credit Card: Easy 5-Minute Watercolor Landscape

The more I look at this once, the more I like it. It’s such a simple landscape but it really highlights the beauty of watercolors. There’s something magical about the soft transitions, the light, and seems to fade in and out that seems unique to this medium.