Japanese Garden and Cairo: Free Watercolour Workshop

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Japanese Garden and Cairo: Free Watercolour Workshop – click the ‘play’ button above.

Learn how to paint a Japanese Garden and Cairo with ink pens and watercolour. This is a free article and video workshop that you can access here.

Japanese Garden and Cairo
1/8th, sheet – Japanese Garden

I painted this one for the first part of the live demo.

Learn to paint this here: https://youtu.be/hWWlj9OlVHo

I used mainly sap green, emerald green, and hooker’s green for this scene with a bit of Goethite/raw umber/quinacridone gold for the trees. Bit of lavender and cerulean blue in the sky. Most of the colours besides the greens and reds were granulating. You can see the granulation texture on the tree trunks especially.

I could add another darker wash over the tree trunks, pagoda details, etc but ended up leaving it as it is. I like the soft transitions and textures and wanted that to show through.

Japanese Garden and Cairo
1/4th, sheet – Cairo

This is the second scene I drew and painted for the live demo.

Learn how to draw and paint this here: https://youtu.be/hWWlj9OlVHo

This is the largest line and wash sketch I’ve done! Thank you to my viewers for your suggestion on this scene.

One of the things I’ve been experimenting with these days is granulation and granulating paints. The sky was painted with cerulean blue and lavender – both granulate quite heavily.

I’ve also ordered a bunch of mineral watercolour paints to experiment with on a future video.

This was painted in two washes.

The first wash was for the sky, and warm colours on the buildings, figures, and ground.

The second wash consisted mainly of neutral tint/Payne’s Gray to add in all the dark shadows under the buildings, figures, van to the right.

I hope this article has been useful for you to learn how to paint a Japanese Garden and Cairo with ink pens and watercolour. This video workshop can be accessed here.

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