Painting House Portraits Workshop: Bonus Live Demonstration

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I took a photo of this house when I went for a walk today. In this Painting House Portraits Workshop, I go through essential tips on drawing and painting a house portrait. Thought I’d try sketching it live. Check out the video here: Bonus Live Demonstration: House Portrait

Hope you like this demonstration. I also go through an unboxing of some supplies I received from Etchr. They have provided members a coupon which you can enter on their website to get 10% off all supplies (WB10OFF).

I was walking along a street and snapped a photo of this interesting-looking house. A quick photograph can turn into a piece of original art. Keep that camera handy just in case!

Taking photos also teaches you how to compose a scene.

General Tips:

The shadows here are crucial in creating a sense of depth and light in this piece. Although there are isolated bits of light on the roof and in the foliage in the foreground, they pop out due to the layering of dark colors around the scene. Incorporating negative painting is crucial to creating some of these shapes.

Painting House Portraits Workshop
House Portrait, Melbourne Suburbs (1/8th sheet).

Check out the full video here: Painting House Portraits Workshop

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