How to Draw and Paint Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Interested in learning how to draw and paint urban scenes?

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Black Ink and Watercolour

This is a Line and wash sketch from my Live #9 workshop. Done in an A4 watercolour sketchbook. This is a scene from Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In case you missed it, you can watch me draw and paint this LIVE with our audience here: 

LIVE Video Process

A quick tip: when drawing scenes like this with many overlapping shapes, such as the figures, umbrellas, awnings, try to draw the objects in front first. It can be tricky as you still need to lightly sketch in part of the buildings in order to help you place the figures in the right areas. But hold off on drawing in the details of the buildings until you’ve got the figures drawn in. This way, you won’t have to draw over parts of the buildings after. Just looks neater.

I’ve also attached creations that were uploaded by students/viewers. I was really impressed and always love to see everyone’s unique interpretation of this scene 🙂

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