Line and Wash – How to Draw and Paint Colourful Townhouses

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Learning how to draw and paint buildings?

Here’s the final line and wash painting from my recent online line and wash class. I added some extra details for the trees, branches, and some small marks on the ground/bricks.

Townhouses, Washington DC.

And here is the reference photo:

Royalty-Free Reference Photo – Townhouses, Washington DC.

The last 15 minutes of adding in those final touches make a difference as you can use a bit of white gouache or pen to bring out some lighter highlights, or darken some shadows by glazing over with another light wash if you want more contrast. It’s almost like editing a photo but you’re doing everything by hand 😜 I find it helps to let the painting ‘stand’ for some time and come back to it after with a fresh pair of eyes, away from the reference photo.

For the free full-length live video class, check it out here:

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