How to Paint Charles Bridge, Prague in Watercolour

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Charles Bridge, Prague (Arches, A4, Cold Pressed)

When painting a night scene like this with buildings, it’s so important to preserve the light areas as this will contrast against the sky and create an area of focus.

For this one, I started by painting the buildings with a very light wash of yellow, orange, a bit of red and carried this down onto the bridge to imply some reflected light. I added some neutral tint + ultramarine at the bottom to form a light to dark gradient. The sky is a mixture of different blues + indigo and I was careful to cut around the shapes of the buildings to preserve their outlines and light.

Once everything has dried, add some details with a small round brush for the buildings/figures.

The main process I follow when painting any landscape is to paint all the lighter tones first and at the same time, paint areas requiring some soft wet-in-wet effects like clouds, water. Then once dried, add in all the mid/full tones (darker areas and shadows). I always appreciate feedback & feel free to ask me any questions below.

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