How to Paint Havana, Cuba in Watercolour

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I used a reference photo for this one and just focused on sketching in all the buildings loosely and trying to reduce them all down into a main background shape.

I used a lot of warm colours on the buildings for the first wash as I planned to leave bits of light on the right side of them. The sky was painted with some carmine, pyrrol orange, lemon yellow + purple for the clouds. I painted all the lighter areas of the sky first with a thin wash, then dropped in the purple for the clouds. Shadows on the buildings are important for this one to help the light pop out more.

The main process I follow when painting any landscape is to paint all the lighter tones first and at the same time, paint areas requiring some soft wet-in-wet effects like clouds, water. Then once dried, add in all the mid/full tones (darker areas and shadows).

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