How to Paint a Lavender Field – Wet-in-Wet Watercolor Tips

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1/4 sheet – Lavender Field.

Painted this one the other day. Mostly wet-in-wet. I painted the sky and fields first, starting with lemon yellow on the horizon line and some sap green in the fields. Then dropped in purple and blue hues (mostly purple). When adding paint back into an already wet/damp area, make sure that you use very little water on the brush and more paint. This will ensure that you don’t end up with any blooms (unless you’re looking for that effect). The paper you use makes a huge difference too – use 100% cotton, medium/CP, or rough.

The mountains, shadows of the buildings, trees, and figures were added in once the previous layer had dried.

Below is a free workshop I ran that shows you very similar methods to paint wet into wet to create an atmospheric landscape.

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