Paint New York And A Fall Landscape

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Have you been wondering how to draw and paint New York in watercolor? How about learning some essential loose watercolor techniques? This is a free live workshop that will help you achieve both! Have a look here.

Paint New York And A Fall Landscape
Loose Landscape – 1/8th Sheet

This is a simple landscape that can be painted by simply wetting the paper beforehand, and then dropping in paint.

After I wet the entire sheet with a light layer of water and allowed it to soak in, I dropped in some quinacridone gold and some pyrrole orange into the background to create warmth and softness in the background.

Whilst the paper was drying, I used some goethite and neutral tint to get in some darker colors for the trees, lamp-posts to create more contrast, and some hard edges in areas.

Give it a try and remember to wet the paper so that the colors can blend and mix with each other to create a soft appearance.

Paint New York And A Fall Landscape
New York Urban Landscape – 1/8th Sheet

Line and wash scenes are great fun to do, and they allow you to use the strengths of both mediums to create a truly unique blend of soft and sharp edges.

I always start by drawing objects and figures in the foreground first. This even includes buildings! That way, you won’t risk having to cut over shapes in the foreground, when you are drawing the background.

In this case, I added the figures and cars first.

Creating a sense of light and dark is very important in any painting and here I made sure that I added in the lighter colors such as the warmth on the buildings, ground, and light blue sky, allowing this to dry before adding a dark layer of shadows coming from the left of the scene. The contrast of light and dark makes for an interesting painting!

So if you’re thinking of learning how to draw and paint new york in watercolors, check out the workshop here, it’s free.

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