How to Paint a Beach Sunset Landscape in Watercolour

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Beach Landscape (Baohong Masters Choice, 1/8th Sheet, Cold Pressed)

A loose beach landscape I did with a student a few weeks ago. Most of this was painted in one wash. I painted the sky, water and ground from top to bottom with some light washes of colour and dropping in some darker mixed for clouds and slightly darker gradient in the foreground. Once dried, I added in the headland in the background, rocks and trees.

I sometimes find it a struggle to push past the early stages of a watercolor painting as it doesn’t look like anything I’m trying to paint! I just have to remind myself to call it once the painting is ‘finished’. By adding adding all the darker areas in, your mind begins to fill in the blanks and your painting starts to reassemble what you intended.

The main process I follow when painting any landscape is to paint all the lighter tones first and at the same time, paint areas requiring some soft wet-in-wet effects like clouds, water. Then once dried, add in all the mid/full tones (darker areas and shadows). I always appreciate feedback & feel free to ask me any questions below.

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