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How to Paint Expressive Urban Landscapes

A few months ago, I was invited by Etchr to run a free live demonstration on their YouTube channel. I also ran a live workshop which is available here. In this post, I’ll go through some simple tips on how to paint expressive urban landscapes in watercolor. In case you […]

Draw and Paint Venice and Annecy

Draw and Paint Venice and Annecy

I recently ran a free online workshop on how to Draw and Paint Venice and Annecy. You can view it below. In this article, I thought I’d add a few of my observations and tips on how to draw and paint these two scenes to this article. Composition: For the […]

Inktober Sketching – Tokyo and Italy

I recently ran one of my free live workshops – Inktober Sketching: Tokyo and Italy. This was a line and wash workshop where I ran through all my steps to draw from complex reference photos to create a unique illustration that preserves much of the important details. Inktober is one […]

How to Draw and Paint London and Santorini

Here’s another unique workshop that I ran recently where we went through how to Draw and Paint London and Santorini. In each demonstration, there are some unique benefits of using pure watercolor and adding in the drawing with an ink pen beforehand. I’ll go through more of my thoughts below. […]