Social impact with art?

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Social impact with art? Hey friends, is now live. I partnered with my friend, Niels van Weerdenburg (Director, Artivist), and over 25 artists around the world to contribute an art piece for social change. 100% of the net profit will be donated to charity.

This year’s topic revolves around the basic need for drinking water. Help change the world through art. You can find my art contribution/prints here:…/schoon…/watercolour-carriers/

The message I want to express in this piece is to raise awareness of women in developing and third-world countries involved in the provision and carrying of water to their communities and families. In these communities, women (including young girls) are commonly tasked to carry heavy supplies of water for great distances, and through unsafe territories.

I think that in an age where we have access to life-changing technologies and solutions than at any other time in history, we can make a difference to these communities and women.

I have used traditional watercolour combined with opaque gouache for some highlights in my piece. This piece depicts women of various ages, including girls as young as 5, who walk many kilometres to fill large jerry cans with water. There are two small boys to the right of the village eagerly awaiting the return of their mother.

Social impact with art? What are your thoughts?

Want to see the video progress of this painting? Let me know & I’ll edit/post ☺️


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Social impact with art?

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