Painting Landscapes in Watercolour: Country Town Scene

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Hello there! Here are some tips from a free live workshop I ran on how to paint landscapes in watercolour. This was painted on a 1/4 sheet (100% cotton, cold-press).

You can watch the entire video here:

It’s important to have a combination of hard and soft edges in a landscape painting – it adds more interest and variety.

I’m realising more and more that opposition of colour, techniques, the tone in a painting all work in harmony. A dark foreground brings out a light sky. Some blue figures bring out the yellow in the buildings. Try to strike a balance with your use of warm and cool colours, and use a combination of light and dark tones side by side.

For this one, I painted the sky with a light wash of lemon yellow and a bit of white gouache to add some extra body to the paint. The buildings were painted with some yellow ochre/lemon yellow/burnt sienna. I carried this light and warm coloured wash down to the foreground, dropping in some sap green wet-in-wet. Once dried, I added the shadows of the buildings to indicate the light source to the right. The foreground crops were added with some wet-in-wet techniques. I wet the paper with a spray bottle first, then dropped in downward strokes of emerald green, sap green. Then finally added some white gouache to indicate some dandelions. Finally, I added some background mountains to bring out the light of the buildings and added some small details with neutral tint. Windows, poles, doors etc.

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