My Materials

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Always make sure that you purchase the best painting materials you can afford. At a minimum, I would recommend 100% cotton watercolour paper, artist grade watercolour paint (just your primary colours are enough to begin with) and a good quality watercolour brush set (designed for water application). However, if you can't acquire these materials yet, always remember to use what you already have as the practice is more important.

I personally own and use all of the following besides some variations of the synthetic brush kits below. I recommend the below art materials for beginners to advanced watercolour artists. I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you from the links below, I hope you find them helpful.

Here are some links to suppliers I work with and use their products for my art:
Zen Art Supplies
Jackson's Art Supplies (10% your first purchase)
Etchr Lab Art Supplies

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Essential Materials Starter Kit




Recording and Equipment: